12 MiniBattles

12 MiniBattles Unblocked is a cool arcade. Do you think that it is better to play with a friend on the same computer in a game with simple graphics, almost the same as we could see on the first game consoles or a single game with modern graphics and a confusing plot. Probably there will be fans of both the first and second games, and everyone will be right in their own way. A single game will not bring as much excitement and enthusiasm as a game with a friend. But you can play a single game while maintaining your progress. We will not continue to compare all the pros and cons of both games for two and single, just offer you to find out who is stronger in a fair fight, you or your friend, in addition, you can find out the relationship with the help of 12 MiniBattles, that is, the game has twelve different battles with different weapons and different directions. For example, here you can find out who is faster during a cowboy shootout, or take part in a sniper shooting competition.