18 Wheeler

18 Wheeler Unblocked is a one of the best games that offers you to get behind the wheel of a huge truck and go on a journey around the country, engaged in cargo transportation. The game is presented with excellent graphics and a large number of different tasks, each of which provides for the delivery of cargo to a variety of places. But before you go on the road, you should remember how to drive such a car, and if you are new to this business, then definitely first practice driving the car. It is good that the training will take place in a closed area, where there is not much traffic, and all the cars are just standing. So, let's start with Parking, this is quite a serious matter, since a car of this size can not be left in the middle of the road and it is quite difficult for other road users to avoid it. Of course, it's just a game, so if you crash into one of the parked trucks, you won't have to pay a fine, but you're unlikely to earn three stars.