This is a 2D mass game in which a huge number of people can participate simultaneously. Your hero is a circle that you control with your mouse and keyboard. Moving around the playing field, you eat nutritional pellets and colored balls of other gamers. That is, you become more and more at the expense of the other. In fact, your color circle is a bacterium that lives in the world of microorganisms. It was Agar.IO Unblocked that became the progenitor for the later game Slither.IO Unblocked, and it is not surprising that the plots and goals in them are very similar. Showing interest in other bacteria is a sure sign that you have reached a certain maturity in the game, and it is time for you to move from pellets to other players ' bacteria. Interestingly, the Agar.IO was originally a browser game, and it was very well received by the community of players. Later, the creators of the game announced that they would make it even more advanced, but this version of the game will not be available in browsers.