Drift Hunters

The game Drift Hunters Unblocked is specially created for those who love drift racing. If you don't know how to throw a car into a controlled skid, then it's time to learn this skill. Choose a car to your liking, the track where the race will take place and that's it, the race has begun. There will be no one else on the track except you, so you can only go forward, making one skid after another. For each skid, you will earn points that are necessary to earn money. The longer the skid, the more points you can get. But remember, if a collision with a bump occurs during the skid, the points will not be credited to your account. Go through one track after another and on each of them you will find a large number of sharp turns, where it is easy to make a cool skid, listening to the screeching tires from increased friction with the asphalt.