Feed Us 2

For all gamers who have decided to help a small and helpless piranha, we offer a new part of the already popular game Feed Us 2 Unblocked, where we can continue to develop a small fish to a large size, while terrorizing all who will be in its way. The second part has not undergone significant changes, but experienced users will be able to notice improvements in the graphics components of the game, physics, and of course new tasks. In addition, going to the menu of improvements to the characteristics of the pet, you will notice new upgrades, which were not in the last part. All this makes the game exciting, and even we can safely say that an hour of your time piranha you still steal, and if you do not just swim in search of victims, and take up the passage of the storyline, then the game can be returned several times. The main task in the game is the same – eat everything that moves in the water column, after which the piranha will grow, and as soon as it reaches a large size, you can sink the ships.