Feed Us 3

On one of the lakes, the number of living organisms has increased so much that they do not know where to go, and the number of fish and other inhabitants began to attract people. So from a quiet and calm place, the lake has turned into a violent and dirty semblance of a reservoir, and to fix this, the little piranha will sacrifice itself. Maybe we spoke incorrectly, but to devour and swim around is a dangerous occupation, you do not know where and with whom you will meet, so the baby piranha calls for help in the game Feed Us 3 Unblocked, all those who are not indifferent to her fate and the fate of the dirty lake. In the third part of the game, we are waiting for new locations, new upgrades and a new store where you can buy more bloodthirsty and more insidious piranha fish. As you feed, your character will increase in size, and soon will become a real monster that can bring terror to all the inhabitants of not only the lake, but also the nearby beaches.