Feed Us 4

The most terrible predator the so-called Feed Us 4 Unblocked, which we will continue to eat all around, and there is no difference — it's organic or not, the main thing that prevents our heroine must be destroyed and believe me she will do everything possible to do it. This time, the story of a small fish with sharp teeth begins high in the sky. Just do not think that our heroine got wings and learned to fly, no, it's just one of the crazy scientists decided to transport her in a large aquarium with steel corners to an indoor pool for research. But how wrong he was when he thought that the aquarium would withstand its onslaught and the participants of the flight would not be in danger. Now you will have to pay for your stupidity with your life, and together with the piranha, we will prove to all the passengers on Board that we are the top of the food chain. Just to start, let's get free and destroy the plane, and then during the fall we will devour the falling people.