Feed Us 5

Once in the aquarium of the Nasha Museum of local lore, the piranha feels not quite comfortable, and if in the sea it can calm its appetite without human victims, then in the aquarium it will not do without it. But after all, people themselves put it in the aquarium, without thinking about the consequences and now you will either have to run, or accept your fate. The game Feed Us 5 Unblocked is essentially a continuation of the story of the piranha, who wanted to get home, but because of the people could not do it. Now she will have to kill people to survive. In addition, the path to the big water is a long one, so it can only be saved in the absence of water with the help of human blood, so give it something without which it can not. Only making your way to the reservoir be careful and do not fall into the eyes of more dangerous creatures that can kill our harmless fish, who just decided to get home.