Fire Balls

Sometimes to get a treasure you don't have to go to the jungle or dig among the Egyptian pyramids, just start the game Fireballs 3D Unblocked, where, after completing the main task, you will get such a coveted chest of diamonds. It is worth saying that you can get the chest only by working hard, but not with your hands and a pickaxe, but with a large shooting gun that is already ready to fire. On the way to the treasure you will find several types of obstacles. But all of them are built in the form of towers consisting of several levels. Your task is to shoot the towers from the cannon and get to the treasure chest. It seems simple and nothing can stand in your way and stop the fireballs, but each tower has additional protection in the form of small structures that constantly rotate around the circle, thereby preventing projectiles. Nevertheless, an experienced shooter will definitely calculate the moment when there is nothing in the path of the projectile and shoot.