Fireboy and Watergirl 2

So, a huge Bright temple opens its doors for an interesting couple - Fireboy and Watergirl. Together, they must go through all the levels of this confusing and dangerous room and find as many blue and red crystals as possible.

There are many dangers and mysteries on the way of friends. Here, to overcome some of the difficulties, the boy and girl will have to think carefully. After all, only this can help them remove the obstacles that are waiting for them on the way. For example, light rays must be directed correctly between mirrors to open doors that close the passage. Also, do not forget about places where there is water or hot lava. After all, only the hero who belongs to the corresponding element can move through them.

There are four types of levels in the temple. They differ from each other in the goals to be achieved during their passage. For example, in levels marked with a hexagon on the map, it is necessary to bring the boy and girl to the door in the shortest possible time. Diamond levels differ in that it is dark here, and only those areas where the main characters are standing are highlighted, so it will not be easy to get to the finish line here. Stages-triangles require the characters to simultaneously advance through the level. And at the level marked by a large crystal, you will find a green stone and together with it make your way to the exit.