G Switch 3

How do you imagine being able to run in anti-gravity shoes through a complex maze of paths located somewhere in the clouds? Very simple many will say or not very simple others will object. Both the first and second will be right in principle it is not as difficult as it seems, the main thing is to have time to change the side on which you will have to run and for sure everyone did so in the first two parts of the popular game on many platforms. and indeed, it seemed that one key was enough to overcome all obstacles. But let's not talk about the past, because now you have the opportunity to be the first to experience all the difficulties of the maze of paths in the air, and invite all your fun and noisy company to this game. Imagine that the developers allow eight players to sit down at the same keyboard and run a race. Who does not have time to jump over the barrier in G-Switch 3 Unblocked mode, will remain forever behind the screen, that is, will lose.