Helix Jump

A completely new game Helix Jump Unblocked is already breaking all records of popularity and a very simple plot has already shaken the long-established rating of simple puzzles. By the way, a bright toy came from the mobile platform, which is where it became popular. Therefore, we can safely say that the toy will become popular on the operating systems of your personal computers. Before starting the game, we recommend setting an alarm clock so that you do not forget about your business, otherwise you will be lost in time. Now get ready to go down to the underground Kingdom with a fun ball, and to do this, you will have to overcome a long path consisting of a maze of various obstacles and partitions. Many of the barriers are static and in place, but the rest are mobile and can pose a danger to traffic. We forgot to warn you that all obstacles are dangerous and you can not touch them, so as not to lose your life and start over. While moving down, try to collect diamonds, with which you can open access to new types of balls.