Police Pursuit 2

Every morning, two police officers patrolling the city streets in their sports police car starts with a squad at the station. The chief introduces them to the work plan for the whole day and announces especially dangerous violators. The crew of the new race Police Pursuit 2 Unblocked got a normal outfit, just patrol the city and stop all sorts of violations. As always, they were out on the streets and taking their usual route when an urgent message came over the radio. A few blocks away from the police patrol, an object that had previously violated the law appeared. They were known in criminal circles "authority" and now he is again trying to commit an offense and escape in his car. This cannot be allowed and, if we do not hurry, we do not know what this time will end with his appearance. The coordinates of the criminal were reset to the car computer via satellite and immediately a marker appeared on the Navigator screen indicating the movement of the criminal. You need to drive your police car in his direction and try to stop the intruder.