Running Fred

To in life you do, never give up, we still don't know what could be after, should always be hope, as our hero Fred, who in order to survive need to run, no matter where to go, do not stop, otherwise she'll catch him and then something terrible will happen. Whether Fred will be able to escape from the black death with a scythe is unknown, but one thing is clear - he will do everything so that it does not catch up with him. Fred has a rather difficult path ahead of him, although sometimes there will be pleasant little things that can improve Fred's performance. There will be various obstacles ahead, and if the barrier is visible from afar, then a huge chasm, you must immediately jump over. Sometimes obstacles can be with spikes and still move, which is very difficult. In total, Fred has three attempts, after using which, he is overtaken by death and raises his razor-sharp scythe, then probably do not need to describe what will happen.