Survival is the main thing to do in the new big world Surviv.IO Unblocked game which decreases every second, and those who do not have time to do something will simply die. All players are similar to balls, although in principle it does not matter, because the point is not this, but what you are willing to do for survival, and you can only do one thing – take up arms and engage in the destruction of enemy soldiers, that is, all the other players. But before you begin to perform the task assigned to you, you should think about weapons, since you appear on the map completely unarmed. Weapons can be easily found in different places, so the first thing to do is to go in search of shelter and weapons. Unfortunately, you can only carry two types of weapons with you, but with each battle you will understand that this is enough, the main thing is to have time to reload it. After defeating one of the players, we advise you to pick up the remaining supplies, including weapons, first aid kits and ammunition.