Everything seems to be good in his life, except for the ability to constantly be in the center of negative events, and this all happens to our old friend-Stickman, a simple little man who has nothing but black. In principle, the game itself Vex Unblocked does not differ in a large number of colors, but this does not mean that further events will be boring and monotonous. The game was created with love, and this is reflected in the story and physics of the game. Now it is worth saying about the plot, which is addictive from the first minutes, and the tasks that will need to be solved during the game are quite complex and they will not always be easy to solve. But your hero has a huge potential from the very beginning, this is evident after each resurrection, when, it would seem, he should not have the strength to go further, he still comes to life and continues his dangerous path further. In addition to constant rebirth, Stickman can perform crazy tricks, as you will see for yourself. Therefore, as soon as the game starts, be ready to think through all his steps, so that one day you do not get into a hopeless situation, and do not forget about the main qualities of the Stickman. You remember how our hero is agile and fast, and no one can stop him if he has something in mind.