Vex 2

Meet a funny character who used to call himself Stickman. By the way, he is quite mobile and considers the meaning of his entire life to be constant travel, but not peaceful and calm, but quite the opposite, full of dangers and adventures. And then one day a new adventure led him into a dangerous trap, which immediately closed. Now you will have to look for a way out, and if you do not help him, then there is no knowing what it may end up. So begins the new game Vex 2 Unblocked, where you will need to run, jump, climb and solve other dangerous tasks. This game is a simple game where there is nothing supernatural and fascinating, where the graphics are quite simple, and despite the minimal characteristics, the game has become quite popular and well-known, although perhaps this is what influenced the opinion of millions of gamers from around the world. So what makes the game stand out from the thousands and occupy the first positions in popularity. We will not be able to answer that question, only speculate. For example, the originality of the plot, ease of management, or all together. But you will now be able to try to find the answer, and to do this, you just need to run this game.