Vex 3

Meet the new part of the game Vex 3 Unblocked, which has become popular all over the world in a short time and has gained a decent audience of fans. In this part, you also travel around the vast world with a Stickman who uses his physical abilities to overcome various dangers. The game is slightly different from its predecessors, for example, the number of hints, which are much less and make the way of the Stickman more interesting, since now you will have to find the way to the exit yourself. Of course, the developers did not completely remove the hints, because every fan of the game would have wandered for hours in search of a way out. For those who first discovered the world of purikura Stickman we immediately report anything bright and colorful you will not find here, but nevertheless it makes the game boring and monotonous, and only deal with a few dangerous sections of the road you will begin to understand that graphics doesn't always play a major role. By the way, if you love parkour, then this is probably not your first game in which graphical features are not in the first place, and their place is taken by ease of control, dynamically developing events, and high-quality physics. By the way, in the third part of the game, new levels, various obstacles, floating platforms, and the rest were added. We will not open all the maps, so let it be a surprise for gamers and everyone will discover something new.