In the amazing shooter Zombotron Unblocked play as a futuristic soldier in red armor, fighting a brutal battle for life and death with pathetic but ferocious zombies. These living dead seek to deprive you of your precious life by eating your brains. As soon as you meet a nasty and bloodthirsty zombie on your way, without the slightest hint of pity, shoot it. In certain places of the game world, you can buy new and more effective weapons for the accumulated money, this will increase the potential for destruction and make you an even better killer. Go through locations, open chests with mysterious treasure, periodically collecting coins. In the first rounds, the opponents will not be too strong, but over time they will become more powerful and violent, and you will need to do something to get rid of them. Don't let your enemies get the upper hand, prove that you are worthy to survive and continue to exist on the planet Zombotron. Send all the undead back to the graves, and this time return them to the final place.